Note to self

Don’t even think about writing a poem about writing a poem. That’s just the type of thing you like to do, isn’t it? I know your type. And please don’t start choreographing some modern dance piece where you stand on stage and talk about Doris Humphrey, asymmetry, and […]

Does it matter?

I was having lunch on Tuesday with some coworkers. One of them mentioned a recent news story about a study that found artificial sweeteners can harm digestive bacteria. I wanted to ask him if the study mattered. I wanted to ask all of my colleagues at the table […]

Things will be fine

Let’s be good for a change Let’s not jump to conclusions Or be quick to judge All of this is illusion Maybe don’t hold a grudge You have a story much like mine Let’s agree that things will be fine Let’s be nice Let’s be kind Let’s take […]