Why has Laura started an IT blog?

Since the advent of easy and free access to blogging tools I’ve been starting blogs. My intentions were always good but I’ve never been able to muster the discipline to blog regularly. I get off to what I think is a good  start, usually with an entry like this that explains my blogging history and habits. Given my high failure rate I’m starting to wonder if this kind of start can really be called “good”. I’ll get on with it nonetheless. I’ll begin with a question and follow with  some answers.

What can this blog do for me?


  1. I’ll be writing and will get better at writing because I’ll be writing. That sentence shows that I need practice.
  2. I’ll explore the nuances of my job which will presumably lead to improved job performance.
  3. I’ll write about things I’m learning and would like to learn.
  4. People who read the blog will be entertained, informed, enlightened, amused, bored, annoyed, etc. This assumes anyone will read it.

I’ve got goals! I have a plan!

I know the first post is the easiest so I’ll keep whispering this mantra.

One post at a time dear girl, one post at a time.


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