Winter Has Come Early

This entry seems off-topic but it has something to do with how this IT worker’s body reacts to sitting at a computer all day.

I’m at work and I’ve been sitting a long time. My body doesn’t like to sit this much so I stand up and stretch. I sit down and stretch. I stand up again and walk to the atrium area of the building and as I walk I roll my shoulders, circle my wrists, spread my fingers as far apart from each other as I can make them go.

Then I stand at the glass door and gaze out at the parking lot. Friday’s snow no longer sits atop vehicle hoods and roofs but it remains on the blacktop, stubborn and icy.

I want to go for a 30 minute walk or several shorter ones but I won’t because it’s too cold. It’s not that I can’t because I could pull my 2nd pair of pants over my jeans and put on my hoodie and perhaps the cardigan that always hangs on my desk chair, and then my winter coat and scarf and hat and gloves. I could put on all of those layers of protection and go tromping across the complex but I don’t. I don’t have the courage to face this prematurely winter day.

I’ll go to the kitchenette and wash my dish from lunch and I’ll shift from one foot to the other, maybe grab an ankle for a quick stretch of the quadriceps. I’ll feel a little self-conscious but what else can I do?

I can sit down and find a suitable podcast topic and then write a script and make the PowePoint slides that will enhance my voice over. I’ll do that and feel productive.

I’ll think about writing in the blog and think about buying a pack of Peanut M&M’s. I’ll try and try to talk myself out of the M&M’s and I’ll wonder if I’ll feel like hoola hooping for 45 minutes when I get home.

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