The IT Help Podcast-A Brief History (Part 3)

Step Three: Record the voice over.

So the script is written and printed out. I take the the script, my Macbook Pro, the  little box that contains my microphone, mic stand and preamp and a cup of tea or coffee into a conference room. It’s a conference room not a studio. There’s no special treatment on the walls to absorb the sound, but there is a thermostat so I can turn off the heat or air conditioner if it comes on. I think the main reason I go into a conference room is for privacy and so people don’t have to hear me. My microphone (a Shure PG-48) is unidirectional or cardioid so it doesn’t pick up much background noise. It does however pick up the sound of my cats meowing when I record at home .

I record the script and edit out my mistakes as I go. I use Apple’s GarageBand

GarageBand screenshot.
Click image to enlarge.

by the way. I’ve been using it since day one of these podcasts. I like the way my voice sounds with the ‘Female Narrator’ effect and I like having background music loops available to use for the music bed. The recording is exported to iTunes as an .m4a. I convert it to .wav so it’s Camtasia compatible.

Step Four: Putting it together with Camtasia.

Camtasia Studio screenshot.
Click image to enlarge.

Here’s where I record the PowerPoint animations with Camtasia. Each animated screen is saved as a .camrec file and appears in the clip bin for the project. There’s a video track and two more audio tracks. The second audio track is for the music bed. Lately I’ve been using Creative Commons licensed music from Jamendo.com.

Through the magic of editing I put it all together render it out in iPod format with a separate .mp3 file for the audio only version.

I use iTunes t0 insert metadata and then I upload the final product to the IU podcast portal, podcast.iu.edu.

Metadata in iTunes.
Click image to enlarge.

This is quite an involved process but I’ve been doing it so long that I’ve developed a worflow for myself that works.

Time to move on to another topic I think.

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