First Things First

I sometimes describe myself as a frustrated graphic designer or a graphic designer wanna-be. I don’t think I can ever be a “real” graphic designer for a few reasons.

First, I don’t draw very well. I’m slowly learning how to draw. I’m getting better at it and I enjoy doing it but I’m not there yet.

The first reason leads to the second reason. I don’t have any formal training in art or design and I probably won’t ever get such training because I have a day job and a husband and a father. My spare time goes to fitness and then thinking about my various hobbies.

So I don’t know the rules of design, I don’t know color theory. I don’t even know all of the things that I don’t know.

What to do  with my frustration?

Make art!

I’ve been flirting with digital scrapbooking for some years and now I think it’s time to get serious about it. I think it’s time to set some goals.

Goal 1. Get better at Adobe Photoshop

Goal 2. Learn Adobe Illustrator

Goal 3. Start scrapbooking and doing other art. Maybe eventually sell that art. Or just enjoy doing it.

Goal 4: Stop talking about and thinking about doing things and actually do things.

Yeah those goals need to be refined. I need specifics, I need to set dates but hey at least I’m thinking of it and saying it out loud in a blog.

I have been watching videos about Illustrator on Lynda.com and I’ve been playing with the software. I’m not clueless anymore and that’s a start.

The other thing I’m thinking of to make life more interesting is to see what it would take to become a technology trainer. More on that in a future post.

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