Change of Direction or Simply an Expansion

So this is supposed to be my blog about being an Information Technology professional and I’ve written a few things about my life in IT, specifically the things I do for work.  But lately I’ve found that I’m just not inspired to write this blog. I’ve written about podcasting which is most of what I do at work so I  wonder what else is there to say?

I considered just scrapping the IT idea and writing about the things that do inspire me but I’ve got this url lauraontech.wordpress.com. The word tech would lead people to believe that this is a blog about technology so how could I change the focus? I would have to just scrap it and start a new blog with a more apt url.

But then I thought “what if I expand my concept of technology?” What is technology anyway? I googled the word and found this in Wikipedia:

Technology is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose.

Okay do I have problems to solve in my life? Is there a purpose to my existence?

The answer to those questions is yes. That being said, what are the tools I use to solve problems and give my life purpose? What is my technology?

So that’s the new focus. That’s what I’ll explore.

And I think I need to adjust the blog’s title. So I will.

2 thoughts on “Change of Direction or Simply an Expansion

  1. Speaking from experience, I think it’s easy to constrain yourself too much by becoming fixed on what your blog is supposed to be about. Write about what you think is cool and the topic will emerge (and probably evolve).

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