My Hip Flexors

I keep thinking about posting an entry. I keep thinking about it but when it comes time to do it, well…

So. Here I go!

My lower back is bothering me and I think my mattress is partially to blame. It’s the left side of my back mostly. It’s tight, there’s a knot and it’s making life unpleasant. My husband and I were at the Cincinnati Zoo this past weekend and there was so much standing and walking my back started to get to me and I got much more tired over the course of the zoo visit than I should have.

I believe that some muscles are in constant spasm because of weakness and inflexibility in my leg muscles and I think it’s rooted  in the fact that I was carrying around a large fibroid tumor on the left side of my uterus until Dec. 2009. And my abdominal muscles are still adjusting and recovering from the surgery to remove said tumor and uterus.

So I feel like a mess.

I stretch a lot and I’ve been going to the gym to do strength training and that has made me realized how weak my hip flexors and abductors are. Here’s a look at the hip flexors. I think my Psoas Major on the left side is particularly troublesome.

Hip Flexors provided by Beth ohara

When I Googled hip flexors I found a recommendation on laurensfitness.com to do overhead lunges. I found this type of lunge referenced for flexibility at this site as well. I’m going to try these asap.

They look like this.

Over head lunges on Stronglifts.com.

The other thing I need to do is get back into doing a regular yoga practice.  The Warrior I and II poses provide a good hip flexor stretch (Warrior I especially).

Warrior I from Yogajournal.com.

That’s one of the things that’s  been on my mind lately.

I’ll talk about the massage I got in the next post.

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