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Art Journaling? Art Journaling.

I like the concept of art journaling so I decided I would do one.

So I bought a sketchbook that looks like this from a Barnes and Noble discount shelf. I drew this with Illustrator by the way so yay for me!

Drawing of spiral sketchbook.

Drawing of spiral sketchbook.

I found out yesterday¬† that my job is ending. I’m hoping to make a quick lateral move but if that falls through I’ll have to start hunting for a new job.

But this post is about art journaling and I’m happy to say that I’ve completed my first journal page thanks to inspiration from

The Art Journal Workshop: Break Through, Explore, and Make it Your Own by Traci Bunkers. Traci’s blog is here.

The first page of my journal is about me starting a new life. Clearly my old life is over because my old job is over. The plan is to move forward with positivity, do all the things I’ve been wanting to do and just generally be awesome.

Text on the page is minimal mostly because I’m not crazy about my handwriting and it was hard finding a writing implement that would work on the gessoed (covered with gesso) and painted surface.

I wrote down the fact that I lost my job, I just put it out there. I declared that my new life starts here and that it’s going to be okay and I stated emphatically that “I can write.” I’m tired feeling like I’m not a good writer just because I wasn’t an English major.

I’m also tired of the world telling me that I’m not an artist. I’m here to say that “I am an artist.”

Here’s the page>>>>


I decided to create a new blog and I’ve imported the posts from the old one so nothing is lost.¬† I decided to do this because the old blog started out as a way to cover technology topics and hopefully enhance my status at work. I was hoping I could be viewed as a writer in addition to being seen as the podcast and video person.

But I soon realized that I don’t want to write about technology. There’s just no passion in it for me.

Then, because the blog’s url involved the word technology I decided to look at alternate meanings for the word. It made sense and I called it Laura’s Technologies for Living, but the title didn’t resonate.

Today I found out that something I wrote for work was totally re-written before it was posted on the web so I have this feeling that I’ll never be taken seriously as a writer by my team. So now I write for me. I’ll write about the meaning my life has outside of my job. I’ll grow, I’ll learn, I’ll succeed, I’ll emerge.

This current blog will be about anything and everything that interests me. I’m a complex creature and I like to share and I hope to attract a few readers.

I tweeted today that I just don’t fit in anywhere and that I should stop trying. This is part of that.