I’m living in what seems like a state of limbo. I don’t know what my life will be like in the near future. Of course we can never really be certain of the future but we can generally expect same-old-same-old business as usual. Me, not so much.

Oddly enough I’ve been accomplishing some goals lately.  I’ve  figured out a pretty good system for preparing meals ahead of time for my Dad and I think he’s consuming more calories because of it. So CHECK! on that list item.

I bought  a neti pot today so I can alleviate my sinus problems without resorting to a lot of pseudophed (which once caused an increase in blood pressure for me). Now I need to take  it out of the box an use it.

I’ve finished a second page in my art journal! It references  the job loss and asks the question “Why me?” I managed to use up some of my paints that were starting to dry out. I mixed purple with pink and got a neat color that might be fuchsia.  I really should learn color theory. Here it is.

Now that I’m over that flu-like thing I had I need to start working out again. I think some hooping tonight would be a good idea. Need to get back to the gym twice a week for strength training too. I was doing so well with that until I got sick.

Another thing I need to do is start training to get my IT skills beefed up. Should I look at web design again? I’m not sure how much of a programmer you need to be these days. Do companies have web developers and web designers?

Or maybe I should focus on technical writing and communication.

But of course there’s that part of me that wants to be a fitness professional.

So many options, not  enough time. And thinking about this is causing me stress.

I really just want to be a movie star. Sometimes I think that’s the only worthwhile thing a person could be. I know nothing could be further from the  truth and that many movie stars are all but worthless. But wouldn’t it be great to get paid to be someone else?

I’d love to feel a little less ordinary.

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