Meet Sadie!

Sadie the puppyThis is my puppy, Sadie. We found her at the Owen County Humane Society.

She was in a fenced-in area with her brothers and sisters, all of whom seemed to knock her around and step on her. I guess she was the litter’s runt.

We got her on Sept. 15, 2011 and she’s been growing and getting more confident everyday.

Puppies are difficult. They have accidents in the house, they want to chew everything, they make you get up at three in the morning to take them outside even when it’s cold or rainy or cold and rainy. You can’t relax and do your regular activities in the house because you have to follow them around to make sure they don’t get into trouble. It’s exhausting and I think I should get maternity leave from work. I’m a new mommy after all.

I love Sadie very much and I think she loves me; that’s why I put up with all the trouble. My husband Ernie helps a lot with her. He is much better at disciplining her when she does something she shouldn’t, but he also gives her love and encouragement. He says that one day when life gives me bad times, Sadie will be there for me and she’ll make things better.

I look forward to having a grown-up dog as a companion, but for now I’ll cherish her time as a puppy.

Oh and the cats are not happy that Sadie is running around the house. The chihuahua is a bit miffed as well. Someday hopefully everyone will get along.

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