What now?

I’m supposed to write, but I haven’t felt like it. I have a puppy and she makes me tired. I’ve been working at a computer all day long so I don’t want to touch one when I get home. Those are my excuses.

Maybe I should make a list of the things I want/need to do.

1. Art journal
2. Podcast
3. Make a birthday card for Earl (done)
4. Get on a fitness schedule
5. Cook more homemade meals for Dad
6. Cook more homemade meals for me and Ernie
7. Learn Illustrator so I can re-create things from my sketchbooks

A thing from my sketchbook
A thing from my sketchbook

8. Do some digital scrapbooking
9. Have a regular Yoga practice
10. Read
11. Write poetry (see below)
12.Create a workout for Dad

Is that enough?

In other news, I’m obsessed with commas. I’m never quite sure if a comma is really needed. Should I put one in? Should I take one out? I’m sort of an end it with a period and start over kind of gal. Is my writing choppy? Yeah, I think it’s choppy, but I’m so scared of a comma mistake.

I recently purchased a Grammar Girl audiobook and a Grammar Girl book for the Kindle. I’m ready to get serious with grammar. I wrote a poem today about how we should stop talking and start communicating in other ways.

Here it is:

Let’s just express ourselves through pictures, music, and dance.

We’ll cast all of these silly words to the wind.

We’ll sit on the ground

beating our drums,

stomping our feet,

drawing in the sand,

looking at the pretty flowers

and we’ll smile  just because

Longest poem I’ve written in a while, so yay for me! And while I’m complaining about how stupid language is I write a poem, and I enjoy writing the poem.

Here’s Earl’s card:

Birthday card for Earl

Inside Earl's card

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