Monthly Archives: November 2011

Not Shopping

Today is that day, the day they call Black Friday. It’s supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year, the day that businesses hope will put their accounts in the black.

For the past several weeks, tv commercials have been trying to get all of us consumers worked up for this day. I especially like the Target commercial featuring a woman training for the big day. She’s doing present wrapping drills, bicep curls with shopping baskets, and ab crunches on one of those big red balls that sit at the entrance to Target stores. I like the lady, she’s funny, and she almost makes me want to go shopping. But while I like the idea of giving and getting Christmas gifts, I don’t have a lot of people to shop for and I don’t have a lot of money to spend. So as usual I’ll give this Black Friday a miss.

What did I do today instead of shopping?  Well, I slept at lot and then finally got up and had coffee and waffles. The coffee tasted soapy and the half and half seemed a little off. The  waffles were okay, but eating anything these days is not as pleasurable as it could be since I have a large puppy shaking me down for scraps. She didn’t get any because I’m sure  it can’t be good for a dog to eat maple syrup. We’ve already got one diabetic dog after all.

Later I worked in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook and in my art journal.

Here’ are the in-progress pics:

Right now I’m visiting with Dad and listening to an episode of Decoder Ring Theatre’s  Black Jack Justice, and of course writing this.

I’m pretty sure the preceding was not terribly interesting, but I’ve got to keep reminding myself that this blog exists for my benefit. Its purpose is to get me writing and keep me writing. So I’m glad to have sat down and written this post.

Winter Blues

I’ve been feeling this low-grade depression overtaking me. I blame the shortening days, and the terrible state of the world. Probably the world wouldn’t seem quite so terrible to me if I didn’t have this low-grade depression. I’ve not been getting enough exercise, and my dietary habits are less than perfect. I blame Sadie the puppy. I just can’t get anything done with her in the house. If I take my eyes off of her  for more than 2 minutes she might be peeing on the carpet or eating a glove. Yes, she ate my glove the other day. It seems she mostly digested it, because now I’m seeing burgundy fuzz in her poop. Yes, I have to look closely at dog poop now that I’m a puppy mamma.

My comma usage and placement is improving, but I’m still nervous about the silly punctuation mark.

I’ve been playing around with drawing textures and patterns after looking at some beginner lessons on

I’ll probably use this in a mixed media piece. We’re turning our spare room into my craft/art studio (sort of,) so I look forward to getting to work on some projects. So you see some good things are going on despite my low-grade depression.

Now if I could only get over this virus I have.