Winter Blues

I’ve been feeling this low-grade depression overtaking me. I blame the shortening days, and the terrible state of the world. Probably the world wouldn’t seem quite so terrible to me if I didn’t have this low-grade depression. I’ve not been getting enough exercise, and my dietary habits are less than perfect. I blame Sadie the puppy. I just can’t get anything done with her in the house. If I take my eyes off of her  for more than 2 minutes she might be peeing on the carpet or eating a glove. Yes, she ate my glove the other day. It seems she mostly digested it, because now I’m seeing burgundy fuzz in her poop. Yes, I have to look closely at dog poop now that I’m a puppy mamma.

My comma usage and placement is improving, but I’m still nervous about the silly punctuation mark.

I’ve been playing around with drawing textures and patterns after looking at some beginner lessons on drawspace.com.

I’ll probably use this in a mixed media piece. We’re turning our spare room into my craft/art studio (sort of,) so I look forward to getting to work on some projects. So you see some good things are going on despite my low-grade depression.

Now if I could only get over this virus I have.

2 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. My puppy really changed my life too. Congratulations on your puppy! I wasn’t expecting it to be so much like having an extra kid! It’s getting better now that he’s 9 months old and doesn’t have so many accidents, but sometimes I don’t exercise him enough and he’s bouncing off the walls at 10pm or chewing on me.

    I’ve heard SAD can start in the fall, I’ve even considered spending 10 minutes in the tanning bed once a week to try and fend it off. I realize tanning beds are supposed to be bad for you but I bet it would help with the winter blues and it’s crazy cheap. What if it works? 5 dollars to cure depression seems like a good deal.

    I just recently started blogging at http://www.msneato.com and I worry about my punctuation a lot too. No one seems to know what a semi-colon does. I started blogging with the idea that I would write about technical topics. Mostly I’ve been blogging about running but it’s still pretty new. Someday I’ll write about technology.

    I like to read your articles. I feel like we have a lot in common so it’s fun. My favorite of your drawings is the top one. I think the colors and organic textures are nice. We turned my son’s bedroom into an art studio a few months ago when he moved out. My daughter and husband use it a lot more than I do, I have trouble giving myself permission to do art.

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