It gave me pause

I recently  interviewed for an hourly position with the IT Training and Education group at IU’s UITS. I had to teach about 15 minutes of a training workshop, and I chose one on PowerPoint because I think I’m quite proficient with that  program.  I spent some time during the days before the interview preparing. The materials for the workshop already existed so I just had to work off of those. Unfortunately, I’ve had a pretty bad cold these last few days, so getting up the energy to prepare for class wasn’t easy. Thus, I was worried I wouldn’t do well.

About half an hour before the interview I stopped by the cafe to get some coffee and a cookie. I ran into a co-worker and asked how she was doing. To my surprise she said that she’ll be having a mastectomy next week. Now I never expected to hear something like that. She told me  also that both her sister and mother died of breast cancer.

So I left the cafe thinking that this interview is nothing. This is no big deal.  Any problem I currently think I have, I don’t have. I’m fine and I’m thankful.

And here’s some unrelated art.

Purple Girl

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  1. How true! No doubt about it, jobs are important, especially to someone who doesn’t have one, but there are things that are more important still. Thanks for the reminder to help keep things in perspective.

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