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I’ve entered a new phase of my career in Information Technology, and I’m nervous but excited. If you’ve been following along with the blog for the last several months, you’ll know that my work life has been in a state of flux. Here’s a timeline:

July 2011 – Downsized from job in the Communications Office

Aug. 2011- Became a Knowledge Base (KB) editor

Oct. 2011- Found to be a poor fit for the KB and asked to resign by end of Jan.

Jan. 2012- Got job as hourly in the IT Training and Education group

So here I am, trying to shake off my feeling of failure, and the fear that I might fail at this job too.  But I want to do more than not fail, I want to excel. I want to make my mark, and prove that I do belong here!

It’s funny how things work out. While I was trying my best to make it as a KB editor, I was thinking of ways to make myself a good candidate for a job in IT Training, and now I have one.

I won’t get into the stuff about how this is a non-appointed position with no benefits, but I will say that this is a great opportunity for me to grow my skills. Thankfully, I can get health insurance through my husband’s job, so while my salary is greatly reduced, I can get medical treatment if I need it. Don’t get me started on the state of the health care system in this country!

That brings me to the lists I referred to in the post’s title. I can  think of one list I need to make; I need a list of the steps I can take to become a really good instructor and assistant.

  1. Figure out what classes I’m comfortable teaching, go through the class materials, and practice teaching.
  2. Gather background information about the software so I’ll be prepared for the questions that students might lob at me.
  3. Keep working on my personal projects-Dad’s digital scrapbook training for example.

So I aim to excel at what I’m doing now, and I plan for my future. What does a list for the future look like?

  1. Get myself out there with video and audio podcasts.
  2. Keep doing art, so that one day I can sell my art.
  3. Keep performing dance and the other arts that I like to do.
  4. Learn to play guitar better and “burst onto the Bloomington music scene!”
  5. Don’t get so overwhelmed with all the things you want to do that you end up doing nothing.

Here’s some art.

Abstract painted with Art Set on the iPad.
Abstract painted with Art Set on the iPad.

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