What if I were to write everyday? Would anything special happen?  Of course something special would happen; I would become a better writer and in the process I would discover new parts of myself and work through some of the negative thoughts and anxieties that I carry around with me. You know, my “stuff”.

It occurred to me just this morning that I am capable of sitting down and writing everyday. In fact, if I spent the time I spend playing Angry Birds writing, I’d have a novel written by now. I play a lot. It’s an addiction I’ve quit several times by deleting the game from my phone, but because once you’ve purchased it you don’t have to pay to download it again, I keep going back. I really like Angry Birds, and I don’t want to quit, so I’m not gonna (at least for a while).

I’ve been reading more lately and in fact thing of topics about which I’d like to read. I continue to read stories from the writing class book, (see previous post).  I’ve never felt that I was an avid enough reader to be a writer. All writers are big readers, or so I’ve been led to believe. Maybe I can be one of them.

Something that bothers me about this journaling process is the repeated use of the word “I”, and related words like “I’ve”, and me. This is a very self-centric activity isn’t it? Oh well, what is one to do?

Remember dear, this is just for you when all is said and done.

This isn’t easy, nor is it particularly difficult. That thought gives me some comfort.

Five Things

  • My friend Karen is in Paris.
  • I’ve never been to Europe.
  • I’m working on strengthening my calves.
  • I can’t install software on my computer at work.
  • I’m trying to wear my contacts regularly. They get to be so uncomfortable, but with them I can see.

Some art

Abstract Knot
Abstract Knot. Drawn with Art Club for iPad.

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