Heck if I know what to write about

or about which to write

The world is bright today. That is to say my world in Bloomington, Indiana. The sky is blue, the clouds are white and fluffy, and the office is full of natural light. I just took some pictures of those marshmallow-y, pillow-y clouds.

I’m drinking water because I need to drink more than I do. I won’t cut my coffee consumption, but I will increase my water intake. I considered giving up sugar, but I don’t think I can, so instead I will add healthy things to crowd out the empty calories. I had three Clementines today.

Clementine peels in a mug

I was reading someone’s blog earlier today. It included what I think of as grand ideas, lofty thoughts. I don’t think I care to speak so grandly. It seems like all of those things have been said before.

The scent of Clementine peels is lofting out of the mug and into my nose. It smells like garbage.

What I’ll do now is end this short post and visit the kitchenette to get coffee and to throw away my stinking peels.

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