I’m thinking about bunnies. Cute little bunny rabbits. My neighborhood is filled with them!

Front yard bunny
Bunny in the front yard, too far away for a good picture

Mornings when I’m leaving for work there are often  one or two in the yard to greet me.

They just sit there looking so peacful and serene. I try to be quiet so as not to scare them off, but when I open the car door they usually move along.

Our dog, a Malamute/Huskey mix named Annie loves rabbits. Well, love isn’t really the word I should use to describe Annie’s feeling for rabbits. When she sees one she stands stock still, mesmerized.  She’d love to get her jaws around a little rabbit’s neck. Annie lives outside in a fenced-in area. She’s not able to get to the rabbits; unfortunately (for them) they can get to her. Our shed is in Annie’s area and recently some rabbits moved in under it. I think a momma rabbit used the space under the shed as a delivery room and nursery. Annie couldn’t get to them and it drove her crazy. She would constantly look under the shed and whine. I imagined that she was asking them to come out and play, promising that she wouldn’t hurt them. They weren’t buying it.

The rabbits have safely moved out, which is a good thing for the rabbits and for Annie. It must have been torture for her to have them so close and yet so unreachable.

Annie the Malamute/Husky
Annie the rabbit stalker

There are times when I step outside and expect to see a couple of rabbits and don’t. I tell myself that they must all be at a meeting of their neighborhood association or maybe it’s movie night and they’re gathred around the television wathcing Hop. I picture them sitting together munching on popcorn and carrots and communicating telepathically. I think a rabbit’s life must be a pleasant one

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