A Day Out

Me and the hubby spent Saturday in Nashville, Indiana (little Nashville as they call it). What you do when you go to Little Nashville is visit the shops and maybe buy some things. That is what we did. It was a fun but long day.

The highlight for me I think was a toy store called The Toy Chest.

Toy Chest sign

The store just delighted me.  There was something about being in that store that made me happy. I felt like a little girl again, or maybe I just remembered what it was like to be a little girl -when life was simple.

We went into stores that sold sports memorabilia, t-shirts, art, jewelery, socks, hats, and even scrapbooking supplies. I loved the scrapbooking stores and made a few purchases that I’m likely not to use for a long time, but I wanted to support the merchants, and I just can’t resist that stuff.

We stopped in at the Spring Blossom Arts Festival and saw my co-worker and his wife Rosey of Rosey’s Uncommon Gourd. She makes beautiful art out of real gourds. I especially liked the Halloween tree with gourd ornaments that reminded me of something from a Tim Burton movie. I wanted to buy one of her pieces, but I couldn’t afford it. Things weren’t super expensive, but I’m definitely on a budget.  After seeing  her booth I wanted  to sell my own art. Maybe someday I will.

So I had a lovely, but tiring day. The stamina of my leg muscles needs improvement, but that’s the topic of another post.

I took some pictures with the trusty iPhone too. I’d like to go to Nashville one day solely for the purpose of taking pictures.

Tepot/Coffee pot art


Bearwallow Gifts

Muddy Boots Cafe

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