The Cats, Part 1: OJ

These posts are all about my two cats, orange tabbies named OJ and Pericles.

I got OJ in the fall of 2001 after a boyfriend breakup. I needed someone to keep me company, and not be a big stupid jerk. So I went to the Monroe County Humane Association animal shelter and told them that I was interested in a cat. Someone showed me to the cat area, and I browsed the kitty cages. I was looking at one to my right when I felt a tap on my left shoulder from the next cage. It was OJ picking me. If an animal picks you, he’s meant to be yours, so I filled out the adoption paperwork and picked him up the next day. But, they gave me the wrong cat. It was orange and had short hair. I thought maybe I didn’t remember quite what OJ, who has medium length fur, looked like. I brought the cat home, and took it out of the carrier. It was very shy, but I thought it would come around eventually. The phone rang not too long after we got home. It was the shelter telling me that I had the wrong cat  and that they would send someone over to make the exchange. A woman arrived with the real OJ and the rest is history.

OJ smooshes the futon
OJ smooshes the futon

By the way, OJ was his name when I got him. I wasn’t crazy about the name given the whole double-murder thing, but he was almost a year old so I figure it was too late too rename him. I tell people he’s bringing respect back to the name.

OJ has gone through different personality phases over the years. He has never been a lap cat, but he shows affection in other ways. He would always follow me around the apartment (when I lived in an apartment) and meow for me when I wasn’t in the same room with him. Now that we have Sadie (the puppy), his movement around the house is limited. He and Sadie are not exactly friends.

If I’m in the shower and OJ is in the bathroom with me, he meows constantly, stopping only when I peek around the curtain and look at him. He has gotten into he shower with me a couple of times, standing at the end so as not to get wet.

There were times when he would go a little nuts and attack me. Once, he jumped up from the floor and bit me on the shoulder. It was a pretty spectacular jump. The only way to calm him down when he got like that was to throw a blanket over him. Now he’s more mellow.  He sometimes sits on my lap or lies on my chest when I’m in bed.

That’s OJ in a nutshell. He’s a pretty good cat all-in-all. If only he wouldn’t shed so much. Perhaps a haircut is in order.

Next post, Pericles!

OJ in Basket

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