So much

There is so  much to see and hear. There is so  much to touch.

There are so  many books with words and pictures.

There’s music, videos, paintings, drawings, real and virtual.

We have plasma screens, tv screens computer screens, and of course bulletin boards with fliers stacked one on top of the other.

Then there are blogs like this one, and wikis, and all of those social networking sites.

We have so much, too much  information.

So what do I do? I add more.

I can’t seem to stop  producing artifacts. But why do I feel the need to do so?  Perhaps I crave attention. Maybe I’m just trying to prove that I’m here and that my existence means something.

A piece I'm working on
A piece I’m working on. Acrylics, and misc. ephemera

Life is all about doing stuff isn’t it? At the very least you have to eat, breathe, and go to the bathroom. And then if you want to continue to live, you have to work, or find some other way to obtain money so you can have food and shelter, so that you can continue to breathe.

So I don’t know exactly why I’m here, and I can’t even be certain that any of this even exists.

I think I am doomed  to keep doing and creating, because it’s in my nature. If the rest of the world ignores me, that’s okay.

Bulletin board at Wells Library
Bulletin board at Wells Library
Brain in t he Wells Library
Part of Brain Extravaganza exhibit in Bloomington, IN.

More on the Brain Extravaganza

Screen at Wells Library
Screen at Wells Library
Art on a  person
Art on a person

3 thoughts on “So much

  1. I very much know the feeling. At least you devote your time towards generally-accepted worthwhile pursuits like creating art, while I waste my time creating wikis for games with 10 players and the like, and writing private journal entries that no one will ever read (although at least those I can enjoy when I’m old — I wish I’d started them sooner). Ah, existential malaise…

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