Close your eyes, think of an object: writing prompt

The black chair

It’s not leather but it’s supposed to look like leather. Cammie, our chihuahua, has claimed the chair as her own. She sleeps in it everyday. When she’s in it, all curled up, you almost can’t see her because her dark brown (almost black) fur blends into the faux leather.

Cammie in the chair
Cammie in the chair

The chair has a matching foot rest that can be shifted forward and backward. The chair rotates on its base. Sometimes it starts the rotation seemingly on its own, and you see Cammie slowly going around. She doesn’t seem to mind the ride.

There was talk of giving up the chair after the other dog, Sadie, demolished the back of both armrests with her teeth. It looks terrible, but it’s not like we’re going to be featured in House Beautiful any time soon. And besides, what would Cammie do without her chair?

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