-Describe each day of the week as if it was a person.

A writing prompt found here:  http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/page/3

Sunday is sleepy. She turns on the light in the morning, but she doesn’t get out of bed until it is time. Only she knows when it is time. When she gets up she thinks about making breakfast, but it’s probably too late so she’ll have Saturday’s leftovers.  She thinks about going to the garden to pull weeds, but she isn’t dressed, and she won’t dress until it is time.

She thinks of yesterday’s missed opportunities and feels a little bit ashamed of her weekend sister. She thinks of Monday who postures pompously, but is ultimately lazy to his very core. She wishes he would try harder, and she makes a list of things for him to accomplish, but she knows better.

Sunday is lonely. She doesn’t have as much company as the other days do.  She doesn’t see this as an advantage, as having time to herself to meditate and just be. As the years go by, she’ll learn.

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