-Describe each day of the week as if it was a person.

A writing prompt found here:  http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/page/3

Monday has a bit of an attitude problem. He hates everybody and everything (including himself). He grips his coffee mug as he stomps around the office. If someone says hello to him he pretends everything is fine and chirps a greeting in return. All around him are reminders of injuries he’s endured over the years. If he hears laughter he is annoyed. He wonders how anyone can bear to be in this place, or in any place for that matter.

He feels sorry for himself even though he knows there is nothing really wrong. He wants to scream, break  things, cry, or just lie down and sleep for a very long time; but he keeps going. He sits down, grits his teeth, and does what he has to do.

Monday is a trooper slogging through the swamp, swatting mosquitoes, expecting his enemy to creep out from behind a bush and cut him down, leave him for dead. But he prevails. He makes it back to camp. He sits down and removes the boots from his aching feet. He takes a picture out of his pack and gazes at it dreamily. The picture is of Tuesday. She’s beautiful, and he knows he’ll see her very soon.

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