This is mundane

I’m peering over the top of my monitor, looking at the back of the monitor two desks away. It’s a Dell. I’m looking at the silvery, shiny elevator door and the white up and down arrows above the door. Neither arrow is lit. The screen between the arrows is displaying a number one. This is the first floor, so I guess the elevator is right here.

View from the desk

This is mundane. Mundanity isn’t such a bad thing is it? There are people living in war zones who have to hide from gunfire everyday. Some people are finding out this very minute that they have Cancer, or that a loved one has died, or that they’ve lost their job or home.I’m looking at an elevator door and writing about it. Things could be worse.

It’s 102 degrees outside, but I’m inside wearing a sweater. I’ll have to go outside soon and walk through the hot breeze, but I’ll get into my air-conditioned car and drive home to a house that my husband keeps colder than I would prefer.

I’ll eat my dinner and hopefully remember to think about those who won’t get an evening meal. I say that now, but I probably will forget, because eating dinner in my air-conditioned house is mundane.

2 thoughts on “This is mundane

  1. Well, I guess it’s better than the view I have over my monitors, which is a meeting room that gets a lot of action? (However, it’s definitely better than the view I had at my old desk – which was the view of the back of the monitors three desks away from you!)

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