Is it beauty that I’m thinking of?

What is beauty? I asked this question thinking I’d be on the way to a fascinating blog post about beauty. I Googled the word beauty, found a Wikipedia article, and started reading.  It begins,

Beauty (also called prettiness, loveliness or comeliness) is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction.[1] Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. . .”

I  realized that the task of defining beauty is best left to philosophers, aestheticians, sociologists, and others of that ilk. I have my ideas about what beauty is and everyone else has his or her’s.

So why did I ask that loaded question about beauty?  I guess I was thinking deep thoughts about the meaning of life (or at least the meaning of my life). I often wonder why I’m here and what I can contribute to the world. I do some art, I dance and sing a bit, and I write. Can I use these mediums of expression to leave a mark on the world? What kind of mark?

So I know that I like feeling happy, and I have to assume that other people like feeling happy as well. It follows then, that I should strive to bring happiness to the world. Beauty is associated with happiness and beauty is associated with art, dance, and literature. That explains why I thought about beauty when I was thinking about my life’s meaning. Now it makes sense. Now I go forth and do my part to make this world a little bit happier.

I may never reach millions, or thousands, or even hundreds; but I’ll touch a few. A few for each of us will add up to many. That may be why we’re all here.
Here’s something

Sunflowers in Pot
Sunflowers in Pot

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