Wishing for calm, quiet beauty

I want my house to be a place of calm, quiet beauty. I want any objects that are of no use to be thrown away. I want the necessary objects to live in appropriate spaces where they are easily accessed and not in the way.

I want the kitchen to have a space for preparing food for people and a space for preparing food for dogs. I want the pantry to be neat and well organized. Appliances we haven’t used in years should be gotten rid of.

I want bookshelves to contain books and decorative objects. There should be no random papers, tape dispensers, tools, dog leashes, etc.

I want carpets to be clean, I want surfaces to be dust-free, I want to look down and see my reflection in the linoleum floors.

I want my art and craft items to be organized. I want my exercise area to be clear and ready.

I want to find things easily in all of the closets.

I want some kind of fairy godmother or wizard to make all of this happen. What if I wished really hard on every star I could see?

What if I wished for the strength to get all of this done under my own power?  I’m wishing right now.

What if I documented my progress on this blog? Would it keep me motivated?  Stay tuned to see if I do it.



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