I am a wanna-be graphic designer. When given the chance to create a poster or some other graphical representation of a concept or idea I jump on it. I don’t have any training and I don’t draw very well, but I like to create. I joined a graphic design group on LinkedIn and I lurk […]

Three of my favorite things

I’ve been inspired by  Elise Blaha. She  blogs here.  I found out about her from Somerset Studio’s Artful Blogging magazine (Feb/Mar/Apr 2012 issue). Elise blogs about crafting, food, gardening, goal setting, love, and life (and lots of other things). I liked her 26 Favorite Things  post so much that I thought I’d do something similar but […]

How do I do it?

This will maybe be a stream-of-consciousness kind of post, but I’ve already edited myself a couple of times, so maybe it won’t. For some reason the question “how do I do it?” came to mind. What is this “it” that I wonder about? How does anybody do anything? When you think you’re going to write in […]

Elephants, the Olympics, and something great

I’m inspired Always inspired To create something great To be great and prove it to the world Proving Myself That’s the thing. I’ve always felt the need to prove myself; to whom I don’t know. Maybe, if I were more religious, I would want to prove myself to God. But does God really need that? […]

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