Elephants, the Olympics, and something great

I’m inspired

Always inspired

To create something great

To be great

and prove it to the world

Proving Myself

That’s the thing. I’ve always felt the need to prove myself; to whom I don’t know. Maybe, if I were more religious, I would want to prove myself to God. But does God really need that? God sees all and knows all (at least that’s what I’ve been told). Does he need love, or is he above it?  I’ll never know will I?

Elephants Won’t Forget

I’m thinking about elephants and how they mourn their dead. I read a story about a group of elephants who had been helped by a man but were no longer with him.  Somehow they found out he had died and traveled to his home to mourn him. How could this be?

more things in heaven and earth…

Lesson from the Olympics

I’ve been inspired by the 2012 Olympics. They did a profile on Mo Farah before the 10,000 m race, so I was rooting for him. I was at the edge of my seat in the final moments of the race and I was a little teary-eyed when he won. All of the runners amazed me with their athleticism. I lamented that I can’t even run a mile without walking part of it.  The fact that people can run great distances at great speed reminded me of the potential of human beings achieve greatness. It reminded me that I too have great potential. I’m just not always motivated to live up to it. If I could do 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday…

Dreams 1 & 2

I gave myself the task of sitting down and blogging every day. Apparently, I have abandoned that plan.

You’re not a writer unless you write.

I’ve had a couple of dreams in my life, being a movie star and being a writer. I don’t plan on ever moving to L.A. and trying the be an actress. I think life in Hollywood would destroy me. I can however, be a writer here and now. It doesn’t matter if I ever get published, or if anyone reads a word of what I write, I can write. I need to remember that.

So I’ll go ahead a post this and move on, and keep trying.

Here’s some art

Hand outline with colorful designs
Hand 1

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