Three of my favorite things

I’ve been inspired by  Elise Blaha. She  blogs here.  I found out about her from Somerset Studio’s Artful Blogging magazine (Feb/Mar/Apr 2012 issue). Elise blogs about crafting, food, gardening, goal setting, love, and life (and lots of other things). I liked her 26 Favorite Things  post so much that I thought I’d do something similar but break it up into several posts.

1) Audio Theatre

I love listening to audio-books and podcasts. I’ll even listen to, rather than watch tv. A few years ago I discovered Decoder Ring Theatre. The group is based in Canada (Toronto, I think), and produce new programs in the style of old-time-radio. Their ongoing series, Tales of the Red Panda is about a masked hero and his sidekick who fight crime and the forces of evil in 1930s and 40s Toronto. Another series, Black Jack Justice, features two noir-style 1950s private detectives. The shows air on some radio stations but are available in podcast format from the DRT website or iTunes. I’ve also been listening to Icebox Radio Theater.  Based in International Falls, Minnesota, this group produces new audio plays about that region of the country. Find this podcast on the Icebox website or on iTunes

Others I listen to are Texas Radio Theater and BBC Drama of the Week.

Decoder Ring Theatre

2) Other podcasts

I’ve been really digging Wrestling with Depression, a show hosted by stand-up comedian and professional wrestling enthusiast Marty DeRosa. He interviews other comedians about how they deal with depression and other mental health issues. I like listening to the show because I feel I’m getting to know some people that I would never get to encounter in real life. It’s refreshing to hear people talk honestly about themselves. Kind of makes me want to try stand-up comedy myself.

Another one I like a lot is Risk!. This one is all about storytelling. Some stories are funny, some are sad, but they’re all entertaining. If you don’t mind explicit language, I recommend you check it out on the Risk! website or iTunes.

Risk! logo

3) Pinterest

I am really loving Pinterest! When it first came out I didn’t quite get it, but now I’m hooked on pinning. There was some initial question about whether pinning pictures you don’t own on Pinterest was legal (I guess there still is some question), so I started pinning images from the Flickr Commons. I like creating categories and finding images to fit them. Hopefully I’m helping people make more sense of the vast amount of information available on the web. I do think I’m helping to uncover some of the photographic treasures that live in the public domain.

Legs pinboard

So far my likes are very Internet dependent. Maybe I can come up with some less digital likes next time.

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