I am a wanna-be graphic designer. When given the chance to create a poster or some other graphical representation of a concept or idea I jump on it.

I don’t have any training and I don’t draw very well, but I like to create.

I joined a graphic design group on LinkedIn and I lurk and try to learn (for what it’s  worth).

So far I’ve learned that graphic designers can have a difficult time with their clients. Sometimes the client asks  for a design but he  doesn’t  really know what he wants. Clients will say  “I’ll know it when I see it,”  giving the designer nothing to go on. Sometimes the decision to okay a design is based on the opinion of a 5 year-old nephew. Sometimes the client decides to use a do-it-yourself design website because it’s cheaper, sometimes the client just doesn’t want to pay and the designer never sees a dime.

That all sounds terribly frustrating, so maybe I don’t  really want to be a graphic designer.

Someone in the  group posted a link to an article about the worst corporate logo redesigns. For  half of the logos shown, I liked the redesign better than the old version. I guess that means I’m a design dummy. That article led me to “55 Creative Logos with Hidden Messages.”  Now many of  these were really cool. For some I couldn’t see the concealed message but for those that I could I was simply delighted. Really, I clapped my hands and shrieked in delight. This one, for example,  just made me squeal.

Kolner Zoo logo
Kolner Zoo logo with hidden animals


So yeah I don’t have the talent to do something like this. I can live with that.

So what’s a wanna-be to do?  Maybe I’ll just be an observer, a lurker. I’ll look at graphic design.  Perhaps I’ll learn enough about the discipline to write about it. I might even take a crack at creating a logo for myself.  I am quite a unique  brand after all.

And here’s something I drew, because I enjoy drawing.

Sketch of female

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