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Illustrated drawing of a snowman, snow, and pine  tree.
Made with Adobe Illustrator CS6

I love Adobe Illustrator! I used to be afraid of it, but I learned how to use it in an IT Training class. Now, once I get started with it, it’s hard to  stop. I was practicing using the Shape Builder tool and made something that looked like a pine tree. That led to the little winter scene you see  above. My art skills have grown a bit over time, but I’ll never be Picasso. I’ll just have to do what I do, and enjoy doing it.

I am determined to make Christmas cards for a few friends and family this year. I purchased some rub-ons, and some markers designed to be used on rubber stamps. I’m really gonna do it!  Here’s some of what I bought.

Christmas rub-onsChristmas rub-ons


I have a lot I want to write about but I just don’t make time to write. I was planning to write about a story I heard on the Risk! podcast. The story, told by Jolenta Greenberg, is about her youthful infatuation with Katherine Hepburn. She sought out everything she could find that was about Hepburn and used her as kind of an imaginary friend/mentor. I never had a fantasy relationship like that. I kind of wish I could have. It’s a nice story, you should listen.

I’m wondering why the Facebook site I manage for work doesn’t get a lot of “likes.” I think the quality of the posts is good. Is it that we just don’t have enough “Likes” for the page as a whole? We’re hiring a student intern to work on social media, maybe that person will know something that I don’t. I hate to  give up total control of the Facebook and Twitter accounts, but when I feel that way about anything it probably means that I’m holding on too tightly. So maybe a little more focus on my social media presence is in order.

I haven’t eaten anything sugary all week (I have consumed sugar in salad dressing and other foods; but have had no candy, soda, pastries, etc.). I’ve also been avoiding gluten. I’m probably not actually gluten intolerant, but I thought I’d see if cutting it out would effect the fatigue I often  get in my leg muscles. It seems to have worked. But…I’ve been wearing shoes with better  arch-support so my lack of leg fatigue may have all to do with shoes and nothing to do with the gluten-free experiment. On the upside, I think it will help me lose weight, but the no-sugar plan is not sustainable.

Writing is a lot of work. Life is a lot of work. That sounds like something to write about!




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