Noise and Nonsense

I did not feel like writing today, but here I am, writing. Today was a day that was broken in half.  I spent the first half at the office but I had to go to my other work location at noon. I arrived at the parking lot and drove around for about 15 minutes before I found a space. I was happy to find it so I’m not going to complain.

Last night I dreamed I was a failure. I was charged with some task or the other and I failed at it. I woke up knowing that it was just a silly dream, but I started thinking of my real failures and I cried a little.

I assisted an Illustrator Pen Tool workshop today. The instructor for that workshop is, in my opinion, a genius. It’s crazy how smart this guy is. When I assist him I feel less-than-smart and I have to remind myself that there’s stuff that I’m good at too.

Wrote a poem today using my Sketch Club iPad app.

Noise and Nonsense

I joined a LOT of groups on Linked in. Some for social media, some for instructional design, one for graphic design, a couple for writers, and there’s more. Now I get a lot of email from those groups and it’s more than I can really manage.  I’m hoping that by joining these groups I’ll make some connections and maybe find my niche. I think social media might be that niche. Or perhaps social media will burn itself out.

I don’t know about the future, but I do know that I’m off to bed. G’night blogosphere.


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