Flowers, data, and a dumpster

About Today

I went over to the Poplars building today to learn about PowerPivot for Excel. I found a parking space right away in (case you were wondering).

On the way into the building I saw some sunflowers.

Sunflowers behind Poplars building

Then I came to this decorated dumpster.

Dumpster with graffiti dog

I had to take some pictures. Is that dog a character I should recognize? I Googled “cartoon dog” but couldn’t find one that looked like this.

So I learned about data cubes today today. My team is creating training for users of the new Business Intelligence system at IU, so I’m learning all about Business Intelligence. It’s more interesting than you’d think and something I never dreamed I’d be exposed to. Life’s full of surprises.

In other news, it is the shoes!

I had been wondering  if gluten was causing my leg problems, so I went off of gluten for a week. Then I got new shoes. They’re the kind of Nikes with an air bladder. They are awesome and my legs feel fine. I’m also doing exercise to strengthen my arches and I think that’s helping too. Things are looking up! I’m still committed to  avoiding sugar because I want to lose about 15 pounds.

Something Profound?

Not sure if I have anything profound to share today. I decided I want to chart my dad’s blood pressure using MS Excel. I’m going to look for a template so I don’t have to figure out how to express the top and bottom number without Excel thinking it’s a fraction. I wish I could transfer the data from the blood pressure machine to my computer. That would save a lot manual data entry. Anyway, that’s yet another new project of mine.

On the Twitter front, I’d like to tweet on a theme. Maybe a new theme each month. I want to  make my Pinterest pins more meaningful too.

So that’s it. Here’s a little doodle.

Little Doodle

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