I’m falling out of shape. I’m 41 (gosh I hate to admit that), and my body needs me to put more work into than it used to. I used to exercise quite a lot, most days after work in fact, but now I’ve got my dad to go see and my puppy to tangle with. […]

I shouldn’t eat bugs

I’m thinking about vegetarianism. I think about it from time to time, I eat a hamburger, I think about it some more. You see, I’ve heard about how the food industry treats animals and it makes me feel guilty. I know I can’t change the way things work, but I can at least give the […]

Better Than Before

Work this week is enjoyable because I’m doing something I’m good at. Imagine that! I won’t go into details, but I’m making an informational video using Adobe Captivate 6. I’m writing a script and putting graphics together (wishing I had a budget to buy stock graphics). Tomorrow I’ll record the narration and then put it […]

Lots and Lots of Good Stuff

There’s this new-ish thing I’m doing. I’m scouring the web for interesting articles, videos, comics, and images about technology. I’m the social media coordinator for the IT Training group at Indiana University and I want to give our Facebook likers and Twitter followers really interesting content so they’ll keep coming back and eventually take some […]

Goals and Bending with the Wind

The work day is over but I don’t think the work ever ends. Especially when you’re fighting to find a career for yourself like I am. Sometimes I wonder how people go on day after day. Today I felt like quitting, just temporarily though. Can’t do that, have to soldier on. What if I stopped […]

Home movies

There’s always something to write about. Whether or not it’s interesting is for the reader to decide. I guess the writer is also entitled to her opinion, but even if she thinks what comes out on the screen isn’t interesting, she’s duty-bound to keep writing. No one ever died from reading boring prose did they? […]

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