It Takes All Kinds

I’m watching a documentary about two people who are obsessed with 80s pop singer, Tiffany. It’s called “I Think We’re Alone Now,” after Tiffany’s cover of the Tommy James & the Shondells song of the same name.

One of these people is a 50 year-old man (Jeff) who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and the other is an intersex person aged 35 (Kelly) who strangely enough also suffers from Asperger’s.

These guys are obsessed with Tiffany and I don’t really understand why. I mean, why Tiffany? She was a two-hit or so wonder, she’s not particularly pretty-I just don’t get it. Who am I to talk though? I don’t have any hit songs and I’m not famous at all, so Tiffany beats me in those departments.

Both of these people came off as pathetic though, especially Jeff. He really believes that he and Tiffany are friends, despite the fact that she took out a restraining order on him. He’s also a conspiracy theorist. He’s says he’s battling fascism. Kelly, who I believe identifies as a woman, thinks that she and Tiffany are destined to be together.

The really sad part about a documentary like this is that it seems exploitive. These people are baring their souls for the world to see and looking like complete nuts in the process. They probably won’t benefit financially from the movie and they’re now likely to be ridiculed by even more people than usual.

Like many people, Jeff and Kelly have lived on the fringes of society their whole lives. Watching this movie was a reminder to me that this world is full of all kinds of people. I’ll meet some of those people sometime and I’ll need to keep an open mind. I don’t want to treat anyone badly because their world view is a bit different than mine.

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