Into Africa?

I’m making progress I think. But I don’t think I want to talk about that so pretend you didn’t even read that sentence. Of course I could have deleted. But I didn’t. I’m practicing writing a lot of words in preparation for NaNoWriMo.

Today my alphabet themed tweet began with the letter m. It was about how my imaginary friend from childhood left home to go to medical school and that I think now he runs a clinic in Nairobi.I checked Nairobi on Wikipedia to make sure there was still a city of that name. Apparently it still exists.

I don’t know a lot about Africa and I probably should learn a few things seeing as how many of my ancestors came from there. I do have European ancestors as well, and I know some things about Europe because they teach European history in public schools.

I think (and I’m not terribly clear on this) that my imaginary friend whose name is Tuku, got his name from the Anansi the spider stories. As I do some very quick research on Anansi, I’m not seeing the name come up.

This imaginary friend actually resembled my mothers’ brother, Pat. Pat lived with us in Rochester and went away to medical school so I clearly got the idea from him.

Back to Anansi. I’ve read some of the stories, but not many of them. I listened to “Anansi Boys” by Neil Gaiman on audio, read by the wonderful Lennie Henry. By the way Lennie Henry is Jamaican and I am half-Jamaican, so you know…

So when I listened to “Anansi Boys” I thought I should get in touch with my Jamaican heritage, because the Jamaican’s adopted the Anansi stories as their own and I know Lenny Henry’s reading was influenced by his Jamaican background. I should do some research to find out if Gaiman was basing his story on the Jamaican Anansi. He must have been, because some of the characters were in fact Jamaicans.

The things I need to learn about keep mounting and the time I have to learn them in keeps staying the same. What are you gonna do? Get less sleep I suppose.

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