I’m thinking and I think

The Cincinnati Reds won’t be going to the World Series this year, neither will the Oakland A’s.  My team is the Reds and my husband’s is the A’s. My husband is in love with baseball and I like baseball. He’s upset about this situation and I’m not particularly bothered.

You know, I always refer to my husband as “my husband.” His name is Ernie, so I’m going to start using his name. I hope he won’t mind.

And then there’s basketball.

I’m thinking I’d like to record things Ernie says about baseball (minus the expletives) and ghost write a book for him. I also want to steal stories from his life and incorporate them into fiction; or maybe I should write his biography. What I really need to do is collect my Dad’s stories. He recalls his past in small pieces, so it’s hard for me to really put it all together. I could give him a digital recorder and have him just record what he thinks of when he thinks of it.

Project ideas abound but time does not.

I was thinking about people who are really successful in life and it occurred to me that they work hard. I’m finding that blogging regularly is hard work. Curating the web is hard work. Becoming a popular blogger who blogs about curating the web is going to be hard work, but by-gosh, that might be my niche.

I think I should create a separate blog for my web curating activities. Could I roll instructional design topics into that blog? What about social media? if you want to be a guru you need to pick a topic and guru the heck out of it.

Cooking, Crafting, Fitness, Graphic Design, Scrapbooking…. it goes on and on.

I posted a few weeks ago about wanting a million dollars (at least) and I ended with a line about riding a magical unicorn. Now, I should’t have made that request to the Universe sound like a joke.  I really do want to have millions so I can spend my time pursuing my interests instead of making a living. So Universe, I’m ready for you to shower me with material riches.  Thanks!

Here is something abstract. It’s about process not product .

Abstract digital painting

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