I’m falling out of shape. I’m 41 (gosh I hate to admit that), and my body needs me to put more work into than it used to. I used to exercise quite a lot, most days after work in fact, but now I’ve got my dad to go see and my puppy to tangle with. The puppy wants to play with me when I get on the floor to stretch etc. I could do exercise videos more often when I had sole access to the tv and no puppy, but life is what it is.

So my next idea is to get it in when I can. I’ve done sets of girl push-ups, and leg lifts before work the last few days so that’s good. The thing is, I need to create a program for myself. I need to write or type something up and follow it religiously. That shouldn’t be difficult for me. I know what exercises to do and I know how to do them correctly. I just need to do it, do it, do it.

I got contacted by a representative for the SlimKicker fitness app. She wants me to do a review of it. That’s a nifty milestone in my blogging life! The app will be coming out early next year and I look forward to using it and seeing what it can do for me. Check out their website if you please.

While I’ll getting my body in shape, I’ll be trying to shape up my career. Here’s the plan:

1. Keep blogging
2. Keep curating (I’ve been stepping up my Pinterest activity of late).
3. Start reading instructional technology books and blog about them
4. Do well at my current real job

Not enough hours!!! Then there’s NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure if I can actually do it.

I’m going to ask the universe again for my millions of dollars. I know those dollars are out there just waiting to fall into my purse.


2 thoughts on “Shape

  1. Hey Laura, When you find all that money would you tell them that you know of another person who needs a boatload as well. I have devoted my life to serving others in part-time status with often full-time and then some hours only to realize that I am now getting to old to get a job that pays well. I have waited to long and now will have to depend on my husband’s retirement (when we do retire) to carry us both through until we reach that midnight hour. Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about taking it with us when we go. There will be none to take or leave for others.

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