Being a human being

My body has had enough of sitting at a desk. I feel like my muscles are congested. I feel like I need to stand up and stretch until my fingertips graze the sky, and my feet reach the center of the earth. I can’t take any more applications that crash. I can’t share any more […]

Being sick and ambitious

It really stinks when you have all of these great ideas for your digital life, but you’re sick, and you just can’t bear to sit at the computer and work on them.  That was me last week. I felt bad. I was tired, lightheaded, lethargic, and at times, nauseous. I wasn’t blogging, so I worried […]

Three Letter Words from the Daily Prompt

I am going to write as if this is a normal post. I will avoid mentioning my avoidance of three letter words. Here I go. I have written about trying to be seen as an expert on some subject. Since I think Instructional Design is my calling, I thought I would become an expert in […]

I’d like to write a poem

I’d like to write a poem about my feelings about my struggles (such that they are) about my everyday and every night I’d like to put words together in a pretty way with wit, rhyme, rhythm, meaning, metaphor, simile and other devices things I learned in Mrs. Greene’s 11th grade English class That was my […]

Writing Anxiety

It’s day whatever of NaNoWriMo. I decided to do some descriptive writing, and construct the places where my characters will live and work. My first idea for a location is a place like Heaven, a Perfect Place. One of my characters dies and goes there. I think she’ll be flitting between her world and ours. […]

Queen of the Universe

Permission to Proceed Slowly I have given myself permission to do my NaNoWriMo thing slowly. I wrote a couple of hundred words today about a character who will help me bring the story into the realm of the magical. It won’t fit into the Magical Realism category because it won’t fit all the criteria. I’m […]

Why would I want to write a novel?

So I thought I wanted to write a novel, but now I’m not so sure. It’s hard work! I stated in my last post that I would be participating in NaNoWriMo, but without an outline or a plot. I’m creating characters, and so far I’ve got six of them and a place called Jay’s Bar […]

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