Daily Prompt

Three Letter Words from the Daily Prompt

I am going to write as if this is a normal post. I will avoid mentioning my avoidance of three letter words. Here I go.

I have written about trying to be seen as an expert on some subject. Since I think Instructional Design is my calling, I thought I would become an expert in that realm. I have joined some LinkedIn groups on the topic. I have been following Instructional Design people on Twitter. I have watched videos, I have read articles. I don’t feel competent to write a blog post on the subject.

Maybe I should just write something, anything. My first step is probably to start another blog. This blog is meant to be my rambling outlet. That sounds like a store doesn’t it? Rambling Outlet

I am currently working on an informational video about PowerPivot, a Microsoft Excel plug-in. I could write about that process. I could also create some kind of personal training project. That is probably a better idea. Perhaps I’ll start that project while eating or showering. Well, I at least moved forward in my thinking on the subject. That counts as success!

This no three-letter word thing is hard. Some words just have to be included, or else I kinda sound goofy. Maybe this activated a different part of my brain.

I thought this would be a good time, alas it was not.


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