Over my head

I’m in over my head, and it is  my fault entirely. I have too many irons in the fire. I am but one woman, but I apparently need to be three or four.

Here’s the problem. I’m trying to become some kind of content curation maven on various social media platforms. I also want to make myself known as an “expert” in Instructional Design. Now, for me, the former is easier than the latter because I am not in fact an Instructional Design expert. To become one, I need a degree and a track record in the industry. Which reminds me I need to think about applying to grad school.

I also want to be some kind of blogging goddess.  The goddess part ties in to all the rest because I just have to blog about of my curation and Instructional Design stuff. It all sounds so good except that my head is about explode!

I keep discovering things on the damned Internet (like the Infinite Jukebox) that I need to share with my growing number of Twitter followers. Yes, my follower count is increasing!  I know many follow me just so I’ll follow back, but when you keep getting new ones, you feel an obligation to  tweet more.

I need an assistant. I need a staff. I need focus. I need regular exercise.

The major problem with all of these “hobby” type activities is that they involve me sitting in front of a computer or slumping over an iPad or iPhone. I’m not exercising enough, and that is contributing to my craziness. I do feel crazy. I feel like someone with Bipolar disorder during a manic phase. I toyed with the idea that I might have Cyclothtymic Disorder. I don’t think I do.

I need a timeout from my personal rat race. I need to pick one thing and let go of the rest of it for a while. If I have to pick, I’ll pick content curation. I think it’s the thing that really lights my fire.

Usually I’m listless and depressed during this time of year, so I’m happy to be motivated.

I think it’s time to take a walk and not think about any of this.

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