I just wrote a lengthy post about how on Monday I stepped in a crack in a dark parking lot and twisted my ankle. I was using the WordPress iPad app. I thought I had saved the post as a draft. Apparently I didn’t.

I started the post talking about how I wasn’t going to write about all of my plans and ambitions like I usually do. Now, I’m tempted to do just that.  I won’t.

My ankles have always been weak, so painfully twisting one of them is a normal thing for me. On Monday I fell to the ground and was helped up by two of my belly dance classmates There is still pain when I do excessive foot flexion and ankle rotation, but I’m walking without a hobble. For the short term there will be no treadmill sessions.

I won’t talk about my grand plans for the future. I won’t talk about my Instructional Design blog, or my fiction blog. Mostly because one only has the stock “Hello World” entry, and the other is a glimmer of a thought. I’ll talk about my plans for the evening. I’m going (with my husband) to watch his great nephew, Noah, play basketball. Noah is 13. He is a collector and breeder of corn snakes. We call him snake boy. We will never visit Noah’s house.

I took a picture of my wrapped ankle. This is the kind of thing you do when you have a phone with a camera.

wrapped ankle
wrapped ankle



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