Being a human being

My body has had enough of sitting at a desk. I feel like my muscles are congested. I feel like I need to stand up and stretch until my fingertips graze the sky, and my feet reach the center of the earth.

I can’t take any more applications that crash. I can’t share any more content on Twitter and Facebook. I’m tired of looking at my iPhone every time an app alerts me that someone has done something online.

I want to sit in a hot tub, and then get out and have a message.

I want to unwind and unplug, I have to.

Today, I don’t like this modern world. I don’t like it one bit.

That’s not true. I like the electric heating, the indoor plumbing, the tv, the iPhone that connects to the car stereo. There’s lots of things, so I should shut up with the complaining.

This weekend I can focus on:

Christmas card making
Being a human being

That, my friends, is all.

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