Poem #2

I don’t know what poetry is Is it rhythm and rhyme? Is it words arranged on a page in space? Words spoken, moving in time? I really think that I don’t know what poetry is. ———————————————————— So this poetry challenge is already taking a turn for the worse. I’ve discovered that I’m not really sure […]

Personal Poetry Challenge: Poem #1

In my younger days, I wrote a lot of poetry. I don’t much anymore, but I want to, and I want to go to some readings and share my work. So I’m giving myself a personal poetry challenge. I will write a least one poem per day between now and December 31st. Here’s Poem #1. […]

Where’s my sun?

I feel as if I’ve gone months without seeing the sun, though I know that isn’t really the case. There were a few sunny afternoons last week. I should have saved those days for myself with photographs or poetry. Instead I let them slip by unappreciated. Today is gray, flat, and empty. I look up […]

Trifecta: Week Fifty-Five- Anticipation

Another Trifecta writing challenge ANTICIPATION (noun) 3 a : visualization of a future event or state b : an object or form that anticipates a later type If I were a writer, I might write a story about a girl who lived in a town called Anticipation. Between the ages of five and eight, the […]

Like a big stack of books

Friday came again, as I figured it would. I got through another work week, doing the things I usually do. My ongoing project went on. I went to bed each night. I got up each morning. I did the same things, with the same people, in the same places. This is life. How is it […]

Trifecta: Week Fifty-Four – Crush

This is a writing challenge from this site: trifecta. The word is “crush”- to reduce to particles by pounding or grinding <crush rock> ————————————– I imagine that my fears are solid. They’re smooth, round stones. They’ve be sitting in my life’s riverbed, getting rounder and rounder.  They’ve become soft, so I’ll be less likely to […]

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