Trifecta: Week Fifty-Five- Anticipation

Another Trifecta writing challenge


a : visualization of a future event or state
b : an object or form that anticipates a later type

If I were a writer, I might write a story about a girl who lived in a town called Anticipation. Between the ages of five and eight, the girl in the story would have a head full of dreams about growing up and becoming a movie star. From ten to fourteen, she’d see herself as a detective, a journalist, a rock star, and even a writer. Then she would go to college and change majors three times, probably in anticipation of something feeling like the right thing to do.

If I were to write a story about a girl from Anticipation, USA, I would give her a name like Carla, or Sandra. I would give her long dark hair and a pretty face. She might have brown skin. Carla or Sandra would probably have trouble finding a boyfriend because boys in Anticipation are never quite real. They are handsome, sensitive, rugged, athletic, intelligent, but not real.

The town of Anticipation would be small and quiet. It would have a community college, a quaint town square, and a Walmart. Anticipation should be a reflection of the real world. There would be salt-of-the-earth working class people. snooty rich people, and a cluster of ex-hippies trying to start a commune. It would be a town full of promises both fulfilled and broken.

Toward the middle of the story, Carla or Sandra might have the opportunity to leave Anticipation. To venture into the world (just a few miles past Walmart). Will she be able to gather up the courage? Is there some lesson for her to learn if she stays? That would be the story’s moral, wouldn’t it?


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