Personal Poetry Challenge: Poem #1

In my younger days, I wrote a lot of poetry. I don’t much anymore, but I want to, and I want to go to some readings and share my work. So I’m giving myself a personal poetry challenge. I will write a least one poem per day between now and December 31st. Here’s Poem #1.

Winter’s Threats

Winter sends you threats
before it officially arrives

In October
there will inevitably be a warm week
an Indian Summer

but then
but then

Temperatures drop
a little one day and
more the next

Snow falls in North Dakota
and then becomes a sloppy, nasty, two weeks of rain
cold rain
in your town 5 states away

Then you know that summer has breathed its last breath
but you hope

but you hope for just one more freak warm week
or two

November is day after day of cold and cloudy
Thanksgiving is gray

You start speaking as if winter is already in place

You forget
it gets worse
you forget about January
best not to think of January

You believe a white Christmas would be festive

December slips in
when you’re not looking
Someone tells you it’s December 1st
you gasp
you almost deny the truth of it

it’s so cold and you think
it’s not even winter yet
it’s not even winter yet

And then winter
finally happens
and you
thank the gods that
now the days will get longer

You tell yourself that spring is on the way

You conveniently forget about February
and that mid-March snow that always comes

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