I’ve been thinking about…

I am all over the place. I have so many interests, so many things I want to do, so many things I’m not doing. I had an interesting notion today that I thought I’d write about. Her it is: Notion(s) of the Day We humans tend to define ourselves by things that are separate from […]

What Happened at the Office

The office building was modern. It was made of a lot of metal and glass, with a little of the native limestone thrown in, perhaps to make it look as if it belonged in the medium-sized Midwestern town. The building’s interior was modern as well. The high ceilings featured exposed beams, pipes, and ducts. The walls were […]

Winter Cornfield, Winter Sunset

There was a field at the end of a road called Sunset Ave. Sunset was an apt name for the road because when you traveled on it, westward, late in the evening; you were treated to the sight of the sun’s final journey across the sky in our part of the world. This setting sun […]

A somewhat meaningful half-hour

This is a new year, but things still seem old. Things seem just the same as they were last year. My personal obstacles still stand before me, daring me to conquer them. I continue to think I want to be a writer, but my stomach tightens at the thought of logging into WordPress and writing […]

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