A late coffee

I’ve had three cups of coffee today. I shouldn’t have another one, but I want one.  Am I craving the coffee or the ritual? The warm mug in my hand, the hot liquid gliding over my  tongue and down my throat. I bet if I make another cup I won’t drink it all. What a wast of a K-cup!

I got on the scale this morning and the number I saw was much lower than it should be. When I stepped off, the error indicator appeared on the screen. I stepped on again, and I got a number that was higher than I wanted. No error message.I need to cut out the unnecessary sugar, and I need to workout every day.

I’m still contemplating a cup of coffee.

Do you ever feel like you live in a bubble, or a snow globe? Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in my circumstances. Do I mean trapped by my circumstances? I understand why people do stupid things that wreck their lives like cheating on a spouse or taking drugs. Life can be monotonous. We have to do basically the same things everyday just to keep ourselves alive, and for those of us who have dreams of doing something great or important, we have to do more. So you work and eat and pay bills so you don’t end up homeless. After that  you do these extra things, like writing blogs, to try to make yourself great. Is it worth it? What if your dreams never come true? I guess you can at least say that life was a little more interesting because of all the extra effort you put into it.

I’m still thinking about coffee. It has no calories.

I like going to bed a night. The bed is a safe place. I have my husband at my side, my chocolate lab/pit bull puppy at my feet, and our chihuahua at my head. It’s not comfortable, but it ‘s safe.

I have two goals for this evening: Do at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, and stop fooling with the iPhone or iPad for the night at 8:00. I think that will help me sleep better. The coffee I’m about to have is not going to help at all.

I have a million pictures of my “puppy”. She’s a little over a year old and still acts like a puppy. So I call her a puppy.

Ernie and Sadie
Ernie and Sadie

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