Some advice from the Internet

I started writing a short story about 20 minutes ago. The beginning looks good so far, but I’m lazy. As soon as I started writing I was thinking, ugh, this is hard. I’m tired. So I decided to take a break. I really don’t know if I can just quit my job and start writing full-time. Well, there’s the fact that I can’t afford to do that. Perhaps I shouldn’t worry about it eh?

I get a bunch of emails every morning from LinkedIn groups I belong to. I think I’m in about 6 groups, and I usually only skim a few of the updates. I should cut back. I did run across an article posted in one of those emails, or on the LinkedIn home page itself, about words you should never use to describe yourself. Here’s the article.
The author says you shouldn’t use words like “Innovative,” “Dynamic,” and “Guru,” because these are all terribly cliche, especially on social media sites.

Could I instead say I’m “Avant-Garde,” “Electric,” or “A Guiding Light”? Those sound ridiculous too. But this advice was written in a blog post on the Internet so it must be taken seriously.

Maybe the next time I update my resume I’ll call myself “The Sheriff of Blog County”? What about “The Princess of E-Delights”?

Maybe I should think again about becoming a full-time writer so all of the great literary works on my resume can speak for themselves. There’s some incentive to get back to that short story.


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